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Proud of being a privileged occupant of Hong Kong Science Park, KML Engineering engages in R&D activities for grasping opportunities from fast-growing Smart cities

March 26, 2020

KML Engineering (“KML”) is pleased to announce that we are now a privileged occupant of the Hong Kong Science Park, an arena widely recognized as serving as a cradle for local innovation and technology (“I&T”) advancement, and a hub to foster technological exchange and co-creation. This brand new working environment is anticipated to catalyse our research and development activities on the pipeline, such as Mobile payment apps, smart maintenance platform, embedding Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) enhanced user interfaces into our next generation of product lines. It will reinforce our ability to adopt the state-of-the-art technologies into our future product and service platform. It will certainly enable us to seize the business opportunities brought about by the trend of fast-growing smart cities.

KML Technology Group supported Earth Hour 2020

March 12, 2020

We are glad to participate in Earth Hour 2020! The Group will keep on promoting and leading all staff to create a future where humans and nature thrive by cherishing natural resources and making smart, eco-friendly choices in their works and daily lives!


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KML Engineering is awarded MTR’s Top Ten Amazing Moment 2019

March 10, 2020

KML Engineering Limited (“KML”) is pleased and proud to announce that two safe moments of our project were awarded as MTR’s Top Ten Amazing Moment 2019, and we have accepted the award on March 05, 2020.

Caption: The certificates of Top Ten Amazing Moment 2019

Evolution of Taiwan Taoyuan Metro! KML Engineering successfully integrated credit card contactless payment with Metro gate service on schedule

January 06, 2020

KML Engineering (“KML”) is dedicated to integrate innovative technology with the daily livelihood in smart cities. KML was entrusted to tailor-make a QR Code mobile payment application at Taiwan Taoyuan Metro in 2018 and it has been fully integrated and launched in all stations since May 2019 with great success. KML continues to strive on optimizing the mobile payment solution one step further – Taoyuan Metro will accept contactless payment including VISA payWave, Mastercard Contactless and UnionPay QuickPass on or before end of Jan 2020. Passengers will no longer be obliged to spend time on the long queue on buying or topping up store-value tickets to ride Taoyuan Metro. Leisurely, passengers can use their personal mobile devices with NFC function to swiftly pass through the gates by means of Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and enjoy such convenience service in their everyday travelling!

Caption: Both QR Code scan and credit card contactless payment are available on exit/entry gate enables passengers to choose their favorable payment method to ride the Metro. (Photo source: 中時電子報)

Caption: Exit/entry gate supports passengers to pay the transit fees via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay by utilizing Mobile devices with NFC function (Photo source: 聯合新聞網)

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