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We mainly undertake Transportation Mission Critical System Solutions projects that are related to the design, supply, installation, fabrication and/or maintenance of, among others, the following, depending on our customers’ needs and engagement:
(i)     automatic fare collection system at railway stations;
(ii)    electronic payment and ticketing system;
(iii)   road and tunnel toll collection system;
(iv)   traffic control and surveillance system; and
(v)    railway signaling communication and control system
We also provide other E&M engineering solutions and services, comprising:
(i)     security and access control systems;
(ii)    railway station E&M engineering services and architectural works, including services in relation to (a) air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, (b) fire service system, (c) plumbing and drainage system and (d) electrical system;
(iv)   trackside and depot E&M engineering works
We are an E&M engineering solutions and services provider with a primary focus on Transportation Mission Critical System Solutions in Hong Kong with a long operating history of 40 years since 1977. We provide a full spectrum of E&M engineering solutions and services with focuses on the development, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of public transport related systems. These include main control system, signalling control system, traffic control and surveillance system and platform screen door for public transports, automatic fare collection system and road toll collection system for public and private facilities.
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